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1,Culture of Human Resource
Renfeng has kept considering talent as the base of the company development . People is the decisive factor of the enterprise development,so ,the people with plenty of knowledge ,experience and management skills work on the important positions.It is these energetic people that making the trend of rapid development of Renfeng.

2,Culture of learning
Renfeng encourages employees to learn more knowledge, more skills. Men's all life is a continuously learning process, after recognizing the importance of continue learning, Renfeng construct a learning-type team, and constantly learn new and useful knowledge,which is another important reason for the rapid development of Renfeng.

3,Culture of Business
"Honest, lean to do things," has always been the whole Renfeng staff's motto. With the development of the market economy, honor management has been concerned by the public, "Honour contract, keep promise" is the basis of cooperation. The keyBusiness factor is the integrity of the people, in particular the major operators’ personal ethics, values, ethical standards, the men's integrity determines the integrity of the enterprise.The development of Renfeng nowadays is the result of the joint efforts of the leadership and staff.

4,Culture of Management
Management is a science,meanwhile,it is also an art, the core problem is to deal with interpersonal relationships. The leadership of Renfeng try to know everyboday quite well and can make full use of the people's longcoming , coordinate internal employee’s cooperation, such as letting a person with expertise manage a specific area ,let the workers take efforts to achieve the overall objectives of our company as a whole, precisely because of the proper management ,the production, sales and management cooperate smoothly.

5,Culture of Team work
Renfeng is a team with hundreds of employees, like a big family.Renfeng people well knows that, "the key strategy for a home is unification", working together, and common development make the prosperity of the company.The employees often chat together for exchange.Discussing some problems on the development of the enterprise makes each employee has a feeling of the master of the company.During the free time, they play basketball together ,kick shuttlecock,making good relationship with each other. Renfeng people always has the idea "I work in Renfeng for living,and Renfeng’s development rely on my effort", "factory Hing I wing, plant decline,my shame "as their motto, which makes all employees the same destiny with the company.Referring to their own team, the people are deeply proud .

The culture of the enterprise speeds up the pace of the development of the company,and makes a solid foundation for the enterprise’s further larger and stronger development.